Excerpts from original article published by the Hudson Star-Observer

At the January 2017 meeting of the County Board of Supervisors, supervisor Roy Sjoberg made the following statement:

I also wanted to have a discussion about being open and fair to refugees and immigrants,” Sjoberg said. “While I’m not going to propose that on the agenda, there are certain things called safe sanctuary cities.

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There are also a few sanctuary counties sprinkled across the country. Sjoberg said St. Croix County should at least have a discussion on the topic.

“What we as a county might decide to say politically and ethically on this issue — again, maybe not on next month’s agenda — but I think it should be part of our discussion if we’re setting policy for our community,” Sjoberg continued.

In response, members of the newly formed Citizens for St. Croix Valley, described on their Facebook page as “concerned citizens looking to promote fair immigration and the cultural integrity of Saint Croix County,” spoke at the county’s Administrative Committee two weeks later.

“All along this process we’ve been lied to and any board member that is going to propose a sanctuary city better rethink that pretty quick,” said one of the members, Mike Krsiean.

Krsiean continued: “If you want to represent the people of Syria or Jordan or any other Middle East country, you go run for office over there, because that stuff is not going to fly here. There will be repercussions.”

The point of all the background? This debate on refugees is not going away. It’s really just begun, and it is affecting us right here at home.