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Month: April 2017

$33.2 Million Comprehensive Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Heads to the Full Board for Approval

On April 20th, the Community Development, and Transportation committees of the St. Croix County Board held a joint special meeting to review, discuss, and vote on a resolution to approve the County’s Comprehensive Bicycle and Pedestrian plan. The plan, which has has been in progress since August of 2015, was developed to serve as a guide for the further development of bicycle and pedestrian facilities in St. Croix County.  According to the background memo relating to the proposed resolution, the plan’s intent is to give local units of government, maintenance authorities, and the county as a whole a comprehensive map...

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“Living Wage” Ordinance Proposed for County Contracts. What does that Mean?

At the January, 2017 Regular meeting of the St. Croix County Board, Supervisor Roy Sjoberg proposed that discussions should begin on implementing a “Living Wage” ordinance for any companies who do business under contract with the County. During the  Request for Future Agenda Items portion of the meeting,  he said: “We can’t regulate how private employers pay their people, but we can have some say on businesses that to business with the County… I think it’s time for us to begin a study on this too… I’d like to have discussions start on the possibility of a Living Wage...

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Board Approves Additional $330,000.00 Loan for Health Center Cost Overruns

At the April 4th, 2017 regular meeting, the St. Croix County Board approved the borrowing of an additional $330,000.00 to cover cost overruns associated with the construction and remodeling of the health center project. According to Randy, the Market & Johnson construction manager  overseeing the project:  “Right now, as it sits… we’re on that, uhh… dreaded point where we’re gettin’ close… we’re not out of money yet, [but] we’re very close.” The loan will come from the County’s General Fund, and increase the total amount borrowed from the General Fund for the Health Center project from $670,000.00 to an even $1,000,000.00.  The...

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