The appointment of Hudson attorney Sarah Yacoub to the vacant seat on the County Board failed to pass a confirmation vote of the full Board at the June 6th Regular Meeting.  Ms. Yacoub was the only candidate under consideration for the appointment following Ms. Tammy Moothedan’s last minute withdrawal from consideration.

Following a brief introduction from Board Chair Roger Larson, Sarah made some brief statements about her love of Western Wisconsin, and how she would approach the position.  Following one brief question regarding potential conflicts of interest, the Board voted on the confirmation of the appointment.

When the results were tallied and displayed by the voting system, the room was silent for a considerable number of seconds before the Chairman announced that the appointment did not pass.  The vote resulted in 7 Yes, 7 No, and 3 Abstentions.  Supervisor Dave Ostness was not present at the meeting.

The position will be re-posted, and the search for additional candidates will continue.  The Board will likely take up the matter again at the August Regular meeting, unless a special meeting is called for July.

See a 5 minute time-compressed synopsis of the action below.