What’s This All About?

The St. Croix County Board Watch site is created and maintained as a public service to all citizens of the county.  Let’s face it… paying attention to what goes on in local government just isn’t that high on the list of daily activities for most people.

That’s what this site, and its related Facebook Page are all about.  Increasingly, we live in a Social Media, headline and bullet point driven environment where obtain information about our world comes in through apps on a phone or tablet.  It’s my mission for this site to package issues and items that the County Board is managing, and distribute them to the growing coalition of citizens who are affected by the decisions.

Too often, details of issues that impact all of us don’t reach the majority of us until after a decision is made by our elected representatives.  My aim is to change that for as many people as possible who choose to follow the information posted to this site.

It is created, maintained, and curated by me… John Kraft, a resident of Roberts, WI in Supervisory District 15 here in St. Croix County.  With so much highly charged political turmoil going on all around us, I feel it’s really important to focus on publishing factual information, and making an effort to have a positive influence on things that I can.