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Author: jkraft

Half Baked: Administration Committee Fast Tracks Marijuana Referendum

On June 18, 2018, the Administration Committee of the St. Croix County Board voted to recommend placing a non-binding referendum item seeking public opinion on the legalization of Marijuana onto the November election ballot. This significant action was taken after a total of just over four minutes of discussion, and without gathering additional input or feedback from any other County departments, such as the Sheriff’s office or District Attorney, or from any of the other standing committees such as Public Safety or Health and Human Services. The text of the proposed referendum question, along with supporting background information, is...

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County Board Incumbents Terrified by Election Competition

County Supervisors for all 19 districts in the County are elected every two years.  All 19 seats are on the ballot in the upcoming Spring election on April 3rd.  Of the 19 seats, competitions have developed for 15 of them, with 4 running unopposed.  The unopposed incumbent Supervisors are: Andy Brinkman – District 14, Paulette Anderson – District 16, Judy Achterhof – District 17, and Shaela Leibfried – District 18.   The remaining incumbent Supervisors will all need to present their cases to voters in order to remain in office.  The challengers will have to also present their cases...

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Apparently Hand Picked Candidate Installed into Open District 2 Board Seat

In a stunning display of its disregard for its own rules, the County Board confirmed candidate Chris Matter to the District 2 Supervisor seat vacated in September by former Supervisor Agnes Ring. Ms. Matter was not one of the candidates Board Chairman Roger Larson had previously advanced to the Board for consideration at the October regular meeting. According to the current bylaws, the Board Chairman has the duty and authority to select and appoint an interim Supervisor when an elected member cannot complete his/her full term on the Board. The appointment is then confirmed or denied by a majority...

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